After months in the planning, the inaugural Cheltenham Tennis Challenge was held on December 6 2020, with over 80 people turning up for a great afternoon’s fun and sport. This new event between the real tennis and lawn tennis sections of the CRC will be held annually, with the long-term plan being to alternate each year between lawn and real tennis. Until the real tennis court is built however, we shall have to content ourselves with lawn tennis.

What a shot!

The matches were all closely fought, with some Cheltenham tennis players seeing the light and defecting to play for the real tennis team, but despite this cheeky move by SRTC, ultimately lawn tennis won the day by a convincing margin. Thank you to the 40 or so members and friends who represented the real tennis section and also did us proud in the croquet and lawn bowls.

Who said lawn bowls was boring?

As well as the nail-biting tennis, members and friends turned up in droves to try their hand at croquet and lawn bowls. A very successful afternoon ended with a sausage sizzle and (quite) a few drinks; what a perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

The Cheltenham croquet pro teaching the newbies a thing or two…

The match between CRC tennis section and SRTC will be an annual fixture, but as the social fun sports day was so popular, we’re planning a croquet afternoon in the next couple of months – watch this space!

Colin Reid gracefully accepts the trophy from Michael Fitzgerald and Chris Cooper!

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