New court

Over the past seven years or so over 30 locations in Sydney have been considered on which a new court might be built.  With the many constraints of a court it has been an enormous challenge.  The tennis court is a very large structure, approximately 40m by 12m and 9m in height.  Given that Real Tennis is such a niche sport and without having the funding to purchase a property outright in a sensible location in Sydney highlights the reality that we are really looking for a rare opportunity.

We are in active discussions with a number of prospects and many of them are excited about the possibility of a real tennis court at their site.


crc3Progress on two opportunities that we have been working on over the past five years (Moore Park and Tennis NSW at Sydney Olympic park) has been frustratingly slow. Moore Park has been ruled out due to The Centennial Park Trust restrictions on their land and TNSW has gone into a masterplan mode due to the NSW Government Stadia announcements.  A decision at Sydney Olympic Park could be several years away and our proposal could be wrapped up in red tape.

crc4The exciting news is that we are currently in well-developed discussions with the Cheltenham Recreation Club (CRC).   Discussions have been very positive and we are currently negotiating leasing and commercial terms.  We have also commenced documentation to submit a Development Application to the Council.  While there are a couple of hurdles still to get over, we hope to have more positive news over the next few months.

Of course if we are going to build a court, we are going to have to raise funds.  In 2015, the Sydney Real Tennis Club registered its project to build a court in Sydney with the Australian Sports Foundation.  This project means that members and supporters can make tax deductible donations towards this project. Any money that is donated must be used to build a court.

The process of making a donation is very simple. Just click on the link below.

Australian Sports Foundation – Sydney Real Tennis Project

Once payment is made you will be emailed a donation receipt which you can then claim a deduction in your tax return.

Currently we have raised a few thousand, however if we are to build a court we are going to have to raise more.

Every little bit helps!

As always we appreciate the support.