New court

The SRTC has researched and/or approached over 30 possible sites on which a new court might be built.  A number of excellent prospects have been identified with the best opportunity for a new court in Sydney currently at Sydney Olympic Park.

The SRTC is in active discussions with Tennis NSW who are excited about the possibility of a real tennis court at the Tennis Centre at Homebush.

We have prepared design options to be considered by Tennis NSW and presented to the landlord, SOPA.

TNSW aerial photo

Of course if we are going to build a court, we are going to have to raise funds.  In 2015, the Sydney Real Tennis Club registered its project to build a court in Sydney with the Australian Sports Foundation.  This project means that members and supporters can make tax deductible donations towards this project. Any money that is donated must be used to build a court.

The process of making a donation is very simple. Just click on the link below.

Australian Sports Foundation – Sydney Real Tennis Project

Once payment is made you will be emailed a donation receipt which you can then claim a deduction in your tax return.

Currently we have raised a few thousand, however if we are to build a court we are going to have to raise more.

Every little bit helps!

As always we appreciate the support.