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2017 SRTC Club Championships

Hamish Oates – The 2017 SRTC Club Champion

The club championships were played at RMTC over the 7/8/9th of April. On behalf of the Sydney Club, we would like to start by thanking the President of RMTC and the committee for allowing us to use the club to hold our championships. We felt truly privileged to have access to the courts for the 3 days and once again marvelled at what an extraordinary club you are all lucky enough to belong to. We would also like to thank the Pros for everything they did to make the weekend such a success including organising the draws, teaching the newcomers, ordering the trophies and for ensuring everything went to plan.

Seventeen players registered to play however Sav Cremona was forced to drop out on the morning of the event due to injury and Chris Cooper rolled his ankle in his first singles match. After 46 matches, we finished at 15.00 on Sunday afternoon with a host of divisional champions for singles and doubles. Hamish Oates walked off with the Club Championship Trophy for the top player of the weekend.

One of the main objectives of the event is to encourage new players to have a weekend of lessons and matches. This year we had three complete newcomers who picked up racquets for the first time on either Friday evening or Saturday morning and all acquitted themselves remarkably well. In the end, all of them played in at least one final. As a club with no court, being able to introduce new players over a weekend like this is invaluable for us.

Along with the tennis, we were able to join in on the RMTC social night on the Friday and be dazzled by Lizzie’s cuisine and company. We then had a marvellous dinner in the club rooms on Saturday prepared by Liza’s Larder at which our club President David Pinsent handed out a selection of awards he had picked up at the $2 shop and that all players had to wear for their first game on the Sunday morning. Dick Crane became so attached to his tutu that he wore it all day and actually was still wearing when he won the club handicap singles in the last match of the day!!

We would love to do it all again next year if allowed back and once more thank you for allowing us to rekindle our love for the game, introduce new young players and to cherish the camaraderie built over such a marvellous weekend.

2017 SRTC Annual General Meeting

The 2017 SRTC Annual General Meeting will be held at the Union University and Schools Club, 25 Bent Street Sydney at 6.30pm on Wednesday, 30 November 2016.  Click here for further information

17th year of The Barry Toates Trophy – September 2016

Chris Cooper in action against RMTC

The SRTC were in force in Melbourne contesting the Barry Toates Trophy against the Royal Melbourne Tennis Club with a strong 10 man team, including debutants Ted Alexander and Vince Stefano as well as stalwart Richard Fawcett after a three year hiatus from the game.

Over the 17 year history of the trophy, honours have been shared eight apiece, so there was much anticipation at the start of play.  After a pulsating beginning where blows were traded by both teams, the match was all square at lunch.  Sydney took the lead in the afternoon and were unbackable favourites at five matches up with only five left to play.
But RMTC pulled off an incredible come-back to tie the tournament with the final match going to Melbourne 8 games to 7.  Fittingly it was RMTC president Fred Kininmonth who sealed the final match for RMTC to the delight of the raucous dedans.

“The support crowd were invaluable to Sydney’s campaign”, enthused Captain James Willis.  In fact the whole weekend was made by the phenomenal crowd support on both sides, and the match was rounded off with a sumptuous Thai banquet at nearby Piano restaurant.

Thanks and congratulations to the Melbourne club who, as always, were superb hosts and welcomed both players and their fan club in true Melbourne style!

BTC v SRTC – July 2016 – by Brett McFarlane / Sav Cremona

July 9/10 saw the return into battle of SRTC and BTC…the  first since 2012 for the Doug Grant Trophy.  After a warm-up event against the Wanderers on Friday night, Sydney started off quite well winning three of the first four matches before lunch on Saturday.  The lunches were superb all weekend!  It is highly possible that SRTC couldn’t quite pick the better of the sandwiches, because after lunch results went narrowly the way of BTC in five of the six matches.  Saturday saw six of ten matches ending in a 9/8 result and Ballarat led the scoreboard 7/3 at the end of Saturday.

Sunday’s play brought a reversal of fortunes with Sydney winning the day four matches to one.  But it wasn’t to be, and Ballarat won the Trophy back with an 8 to 7 victory.

Sydney had a new member playing his first match of Real Tennis, after playing the game some four years ago “….. oh, for maybe an hour or so”!!  David Brell improved rapidly, and despite being a little in the dark about the score at any particular time, was able to find the sweet spot regularly, and with some power. His serving improved out of sight by Sunday afternoon, and hopefully he has caught enough of the bug to encourage him to remedy the itch by getting back on court with Sydney in the future.

This kind of thing is an unexpected benefit of the re-formed SRTC, and the completely new players they have introduced the game to are developing into great additions to our ‘’Real Tennis family’’.

Many thanks to Sydney for heading down this way Sydney and congrats to Ballarat on the weekend win!!

So….the Doug Grant Trophy remains in the BTC cabinet, but this time, legitimately.

HRTC v SRTC – 4-6 March 2016

The March visit of SRTC saw 9 dedicated Sydney players up against a home town team that put 21 different players on the court over the 3 days.  And it went down to the wire! All matches were a handicapped 8 game set with advantage all games.  In the doubles, when the first pair reached 4 games, the trailing pair were able to change server or receiver if they wished.  When a player or pair fell behind 3 games, they received a bisque.  At the end of the Friday afternoon tennis it was Sydney 3, Hobart 3.

Friday Matches – Bert Cason & Francis Spilsbury d. Eddie Fazal & James Willis 8/4; Dave Mitchell d. Damien O’Meara 8/5; John Moores d. Brian Robertson 8/4; Paul Dunne & Francis Spilsbury lt Michael Fitzgerald & Damien O’Meara 1/8; John Armstrong & Pat Bradfield lt Eddie Fazal & James Willlis 6/8 & Paul Dunne & Graeme Holloway lt Justin Cooper and Chris Cooper 3/8.

Saturday Matches 12 matches on the Saturday saw Sydney move to an 11/7 lead overall. Will Joscelyne & David Hook d James Willis & Damien O’Meara 8/3; John Herbert & Will Joscelyne lt Chris Cooper & Justin Cooper 6/8; Julianne Drewitt & Stephen Pinkus lt Eddie Fazal & Sav Cremona 4/8; Will Joscelyne & Alex Fahey lt to Chris Cooper & Michael Fitzgerald 5/8; John Moores & Michelle Moores lt Brian Robertson & Damien O’Meara 5/8; Graham Flower lt Sav Cremona 1/8; Stephen Pinkus & Michelle Moores d Brian Robertson & James Willis 8/2; Francis Spilsbury & John Moores d Michael Fitzgerald & Eddie Fazal 8/5; John Herbert & Christine Stirling lt Damien O’Meara & James Willis 5/8; Alex Fahey & Francis Spilsbury lt Brian Robertson & Eddie Fazal 4/8; Graeme Bradfield & Julianne Drewitt lt Sav Cremona & Damien O’Meara 4/8 & Graeme Bradfield & Pat Bradfield d Dylan Cooper & Justin Cooper 8/5.

Dinner in the Trophy Room – Saturday Evening Michelle Moores, John Moores and Karen Toates catered for dinner in the Trophy Room. The Moores’ turned on an awesome roast done on the bbq, with veggies and salad and Karen Toates provided sticky date pudding for dessert.  There were good speeches all round at the tournament dinner and the Sydney Club presented Barry with a unique present to mark his retirement. It was a simple, but most attractive card box by a Sydney Woodworker, Garrick Blue. It is crafted from West Australian Jarrah and New Guinea Rosewood and has a plaque attached engraved with message of Sydney’s appreciation of Barry’s encouragement and friendship over the years.   And for the card box were 2 special decks of playing cards with a unique Sydney Real Tennis logo on the back. All presented by Chris Cooper of SRTC with an accompanying bottle of fine Barossa Valley red.


Sunday Matches Trailing 7 to 11 at the start of play on Sunday, Hobart made a comeback winning the first 5 matches to take a 12/11 lead. Sydney levelled at 12 all and the result was determined by the last match of the weekend with James Willis and Justin Cooper defeating Ian Reed and Cam Potter 6/2.

So Sydney took the Trophy. Not bad for a team of 9 players without a court!

On court photo Hobart 2015hrtc2hrtc1


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